You can choose to save on a one-time or a monthly basis to keep progressing toward your financial goals. We can also round up your transactions and save the change. 

You authorize us to link your cards or keep track of all your transactions (via SMS alerts) and we help you save a small portion of all that you earn and spend - either based on a round-up amount (Rs 5, 10, 15, 50, 100, 500) or based on a % saving (1% to 10%).  We call this change investing - it happens seamlessly.  

For example, if you choose a Rs 5 round-up, and buy groceries for Rs 95, we will round-up to Rs 100, and invest Rs 5 towards your goals. 

We believe this helps you save and invest in a disciplined manner and makes saving and investing hassle free and easy - every day!!

We are pre-launch currently and you can sign-up to our waitlist here. We Appreciate your interest (pun-intended) :)