Appreciate's Fractional share program allows you to purchase US securities, through Appreciate and our US based broker, in dollar amounts rather than share quantities. This means that you can buy less than one share and invest small amounts to get the benefit of investing in marquee stocks such as Amazon, Apple, Google, Facebook, within your budget / savings ability.  

Please be advised that trading in US traded fractional shares has unique risks and limitations that you should understand prior to participation.  

If you want more technical details, please read on - but if the technical details make your eyes glaze over then be rest assured that we access a robust trading infrastructure system that makes this possible for you!!

We are pre-launch currently and you can sign-up to our waitlist here. We Appreciate your interest (pun-intended) :)


Please read on for more technical details.  

On our platform, we round all US traded fractional holdings to eight decimal places - your transaction will never exceed the order amount. Rounding may also affect your ability to be credited for cash dividends, stock dividends and stock splits. For example, if you own 0.00000001 shares of US traded stock that pays a one cent dividend per-share, we will not credit your cash balance a fraction of a cent.  

Appreciate will only accept market orders for US traded fractional shares at this time.  

Appreciate and it’s broker will comply in all respects with “best execution” on all orders executed through Appreciate in line with US regulatory requirements that apply to US traded fractional share orders.  This means that you will receive the US National Best Bid or Offer (“US NBBO”) as of the time of your order, for all US traded fractional share transactions. When you enter an order solely for a US traded fractional share, Appreciate and its broker will execute your trade against the broker’s proprietary account at the then current US NBBO. Orders entered outside of regular trading hours cannot be executed.

US traded fractional shares are not transferrable. If you close your account or transfer your account, the US traded fractional shares held in your account will need to be liquidated. Similarly, US traded fractional shares cannot be put into certificate form and mailed. Liquidations of US traded fractional shares may result in additional charges. 

Holders of US traded fractional shares will not have voting rights for the fraction of a share owned, even if more than .50 shares are held in your account. Voting rights are not enabled administratively on our platform for shareholdings of less than 1 US traded share.  

We are pre-launch currently and you can sign-up to our waitlist here. We Appreciate your interest (pun-intended) :)