We believe in transparency so you will know each step of the way what the charges are going to be. The charges depend on what services you use. For example, for you to buy individual stocks on your own, we charge a nominal flat trade fee to cover our costs. There are also some additional minor costs that are incurred in executing trades - these are usually nominal and charged by our broker or the exchange, and passed on to you by us without mark-ups. When we manage your portfolio, we charge a small periodic fee based on assets under management (AUM).  And finally, for fractional share investing we charge a small fee for access to fractional buying and link the bulk of our fees to the returns you make, so that we only charge you when you see substantial returns.  We'll convey all these charges to you, when applicable, completely transparently. We believe that we will be the most cost effective broker for you - we look forward to welcoming you aboard!!

We are pre-launch currently and you can sign-up to our waitlist here. We Appreciate your interest (pun-intended) :)